jorge rivera food safety manager

Jorge RIvera

Food Safety Manager

Oxnard Lemon is dedicated to providing safe and wholesome products to our customers. Food Safety is an integral part of our entire operation. Our program monitors every step along the food supply chain; from farming activities, packinghouse processes through shipping to ensure that the safest and highest quality fruit leaves our facility. Our facility is audited yearly to the strictest of food safety standards and holds a PrimusGFS certificate from the globally recognized third party certification body, PrimusLabs.

Our food safety program is dynamic in nature, we have on-going employee training on standards and company guidelines as well as conducting quarterly internal audits so that we can improve or modify any given activity as needed. Oxnard Lemon promotes the food safety mindset with our employees. Everyone is held accountable for consistently maintaining the standards.

Our weekly management meetings provides a forum for food safety concerns if any, and acts on corrective measures in a timely manner.

More specifically we adhere to a program that is known as HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). This systematic approach to food safety allows us to identify and control any potential risk to our product by creating control points. We then monitor these control point on a daily basis and some even on an hourly basis. Our focus is on prevention or reduction of risk. The HACCP plan is supported by a company policy requiring that all products provided to our customers will comply with federal and state food safety regulations. Our company utilizes a web based food safety documentation system called "Cutter" which allows the food safety team to review and monitor processes from a desktop computer or smartphone on or off-site.

The owners and senior management of Oxnard Lemon are committed to providing the best fresh fruit possible and to that end are committed to food safety. This commitment is not only in the area of training and execution, but an integral part of any upgrades to our equipment and facility as needed.

food safety certificate

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food safety oxnard lemon
food safety oxnard lemon