The packinghouse was originally built in 1948. The partners & management of Oxnard Lemon Company continue to add new and upgraded equipment. The company continues to execute on their strategic plan of using the highest levels of available technology to provide the most efficient output.

Prior to 1985, the packinghouse facility now known as Oxnard Lemon Company, had many owners. In 1984, Ventura Coastal notified their growers they would be closing their doors. In an effort to maintain packing services for lemon growers and bring the volume back into the Sunkist Growers, Inc., Sunkist personnel assisted in putting together a partnership to purchase the packing facility from Ventura Coastal. The new entity, Oxnard Lemon Company, opened doors the first working day of January, 1985. Oxnard Lemon Company has been a proud licensed packer for Sunkist Growers, Inc. since its inception in 1985.

Some of the same owners from 1985 are still involved with the management of Oxnard Lemon. 2016 begins the 32nd year of service to growers. The philosophy of the owners of Oxnard Lemon Company has always been to provide the best quality service to their lemon growers at the lowest possible cost. This formula of putting growers first has been successful in providing very competitive returns since 1985. With the proliferation of packages requested by customers, Oxnard Lemon Company is in the business of enhancing the value of their growers' products to maximize their revenue per acre.

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